Data Acquisition SystemS

Oakes Industrial data acquisition systems provide a reliable and cost effective solution for an almost unlimited number of Industrial applications.  Each system is tailor made using Oakes Industrials pre-engineered software systems. The result is a product that provides the flexibility of a custom product at a price that keeps your project under budget.  

The Oakes Industrial data system is equipped with and Industrial touch screen PC, industrial and expandable IO system, Light Tower, and other components all contained within an easily mountable control enclosure

​Features at a Glance:

· Interfaces with nearly any industrial device or sensor

            - Digital Inputs

            - 4-20 mA Current Loops

            - 0-5 or 0-10 Voltage Sensors

            - Modbus RTU and TCP/IP

            - Power Monitoring

· On screen graphs for real time data trending
· Data logging in CSV format. Easily opened in most spreadsheet applications (such as Excel)
· Data scaling with an almost unlimited amount of scaling points
· Touch screen interface with front USB port
· Customizable alerts
· Automated Email notifications
· Stack light with alarm horn